Torque limiting couplings

Torque limiting couplings


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Torque limiting couplings

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Torque Limiting Couplings. SafeSet, SmartSet and AutoSet

     The SafeSet principle is simple: friction and flexibility. No ma terial fatigue, a constant torque transmission and adaptability. The SafeSet coupling includes a twin-walled hollow sleeve. Friction is generated upon expansion by pressurized hydraulic oil. The integrated shear tube holds pressure to ensure a con stant but easy adaptable torque transmission. In an overload situation the SafeSet slips and the shear tube shears off. Oil pressure drops and the frictional surfaces separate. Then the SafeSet rotates on the bearings without transmitting any
torque. Torque capacity available between 1 and 20 000 kNm

Features and benefits

Design features
   Torque range between 1 and 20 000 kNm, depending on model and use
   Adjustable torque settings to suit all applications
   Immediate release at a pre-set torque in the event of a torque overload

   Maximum driveline protection — damaging inertia disengage at once
   Set torque remains constant over time
   Quick resetting for maximum uptime
   Custom made to suit individual requirements



SmartSet – Process Improving Coupling with Controlled Slip

     SmartSet is based on the same technolgy as the SafeSet coupling, but it is equipped with a SmartSet device that will give the coupling an additional slip feature. This centrifugal device is activated by the rotational speed of the intended ap-plication. This enables the coupling to slip during high tran sient torques, that are an inherent part of many applications with synchronous motors. If the torque peak is of long duration in an overload situation, the SmartSet coupling can fully release as a normal SafeSet coupling and subsequently save the drive train from cata-strophic failure. Torque capacity available between 10 to 10000 kNm.

AutoSet – Process Improving Coupling with Controlled Slip and Automatic Rese

     The AutoSet is a torque limiting coupling with a slip function and automatic reset to enhance performance. AutoSet reduces high torque peaks by slipping up to 180 degrees without releasing. If the torque peak has a longer duration the AutoSet will release entirely and limit the torque. It is completely auto matic and the self-reset function maximizes production uptime.

     The AutoSet friction grip is created by a hydraulically adjust-able tapered sleeve that generates the preset torque level.

     If the set torque is exceeded, the coupling slips and limits the torque with an accuracy of +-10% during standard perfor-mance.

     After release the coupling autoratically resets itself to the full preset torque level and no manual handling is needed. This avoids lengthy stoppages in production.

     Torque capacity available between 0.41 to 275 kNm

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