Electronic pressure switches

Electronic pressure switches


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Electronic pressure switches

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Electronic pressure switches

     Electronic pressure switches are used to an increasing extent nowadays. They offer advantages when existing operating voltage can be used. Worth mentioning are the constant switching points throughout the whole lifetime, the larger hysteresis settings and the suitability for smaller currents because of no corrosion problems of the 

SUCO Robert Scheuffele GmbH & Co. KG developed a complete new generation of first-class electronic pressure switches. SUCO offers the product series with:

ceramic measuring cell / thick film technology
SoS technology

     Due to these technologies electronic switches have a longer service life and provide a higher level of precision (depending on application). The hysteresis can be set over a wide range and virtually independently of the switching point.

Electronic pressure switches can also be equipped with additional functions, such as optical displays and menu control.

In addition, we have developed high-quality accessories for our electronic pressure switches